May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

We have a passion for whisky that we want to share. Evenings include drams, and nibbles. So just bring yourself.

Whisky Toast

Mission Statement

Victoria, British Columbia

To contribute to and help cultivate an appreciation for whisky culture in British Columbia, and beyond. We are always seeking new experiences and partnerships to captivate everyone from whisky novices to connoisseurs. We will help connect like-minded people who want to learn more about whisky while providing good times in unique and intimate locations. Our goal is to provide great experiences to those who have a passion for whisky and want to discover more about its unique histories, in a safe and responsible atmosphere. We are dedicated to nurturing your knowledge of whisky and providing confidence in your next purchase.




Host a whisky tasting!

Whisky Tastings

Helping to bring people together with friends, and incredible whisky experiences.

Best team

Event coordinators and experienced hosts to hold a tasting at your event.

Years of experience

Private liquor consultant and event hosting by Whisky Toast.

Best planning

Liquor law compliance and help to navigate licensing to facilitate your whisky event in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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